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Consider the image below. If it contains an image of a pattern, you can tag it by choosing the most appropriate values in the provided dropdown menus. You can either edit the existing entries (if you find incorrect or missing values) or add a new one. If an image contains several items or a set, create a record in each matching category (for instance, if an image shows a set consisting of a bonnet, blanket, and booties, add it to sets, bonnets, blanket, and booties).

image 1953063

The selected image is already included into:

Edit the selected record by setting the appropriate values or add a new entry:

STEP 1 Choose section
STEP 2 Choose category

STEP 3 Set further characteristics (wherever applicable)
For whom
Yarn Type
Extra Elements
Shape / Form
Main Color (select the closest matching value)

melange multi-color multiple colors

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    • You need to specify which pattern (link to the image) because the page lots of images and it is not clear which one you mean.

  1. Bernet afghans to knit and crochet in beautiful berella – Page 12 is missing, the first page of instructions for pattern number 2125-160. It is the only afghan that I wish to make in that book, but that important page is missing. Thank you.

    • Спасибо за чудесные подборки! Но почему-то трудно поймать изображение в средней колонке. Сохранить картинку тоже трудно.

    • Это библиотека для пользователей со всего мира. Мы просто выкладываем материал, переводами не занимаемся.

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  3. Пожалуйста!  Подскажите, как найти описание модели  42468!  Очень понравилась! Спасибо!

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